Why Choose Benchmark?

Coordinating all the services needed to effectively manage a commercial or residential rental property can be quite a challenge. Qualifying potential residents, doing background checks, preparing leases, coordinating inspections, documenting the condition of premises before and after tenancy, keeping accounts and collecting rent / condo fees, and coordinating service and repairs can all be time-consuming tasks. At Benchmark, we take the guesswork out of all these management functions ensuring your property will be safeguarded and satisfied residents will give the positive recommendations you deserve.

On the financial side, our years of experience will ensure recurring monthly expenses are paid on time and an itemized accounting of all your rental income is provided on both a monthly and annual basis. On the resident side, we take care of interviewing prospective clients, preparing applications and leases, collecting rent / condo fees and making sure repairs and other resident concerns are dealt with in a timely and professional manner. In combination, all these services add up to peace of mind for property owners and satisfied residents who will appreciate the services they receive.

Call Benchmark today to learn more about the professional property management services we offer, or browse our rental listings to find the commercial or residential property that’s right for you!